How our leaves are made


The process used to turn ordinary leaves into beautiful keepsakes was the invention of Freddie Fisher, shown around 1965 in this photo from the Aspen Historical Society.  Freddie was living in Aspen, Colorado, and operating a local fix-it shop when he began electroplating aspen leaves in gold, silver, and copper. Freddie’s technique was shared with a few relatives and close friends, then ultimately passed on to the founders of Rocky Mountain Leaf Company. 

To transform the organic material from its natural state, each leaf is dried and dipped into a solution to remove the tissue, leaving only the vein structure.

Using an electroplating process, each piece of nature is coated in a layer of copper.  This process creates a strong and durable foundation for each piece, as well as protecting the shape and veining patterns to create a superior and longer lasting product.  The leaves, cones, and acorns are then finished in either 24K gold, fine silver, or iridescent copper.  Our silver items are treated with an anti-tarnish coating.

We take pride in our hand-finished products and every item is guaranteed. 

We hope you enjoy our unique product.

Beauty created by nature, preserved by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company.